Who We Are


The Center for Leadership Research & Development (CLR&D) serves individuals and organizations by: (1) Preparing a generation of leaders in business, not-for-profit, and ministry settings, (2) utilizing our experience and competence in conducting cutting-edge applied research on the journey, formative experiences, and lessons learned by leaders; (3) creating research-based tools, resources, and processes to help leaders learn and get help in real time; (4) establishing strategic partnerships with other leaders, experts, networks, and clearing houses; and (5) training a cadre of highly skilled leaders, researchers, and leadership development practitioners.

Driven by Important Questions:

Leadership Questions: What difference do leaders make? What does it mean to invest deeply in the learning and development of a generation of leaders? How do we learn from past experiences and current challenges? Who are the mentors, coaches, and guides who can help us lead? What is character and what difference does it make? These questions fuel our research engine and drive us toward the answers that we all want to know.

Publications/Tools/Strategic Partnerships:

Located within the School of Psychology Family and Community, the Center for Leadership Research & Development is closely affiliated with the Department of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University, and is affixed with a community of people and organizations committed to developing the leadership potential in a generation. Recent publications include writings on calling, character, sacrificial leadership, leadership development, career transitions, mentoring, executive coaching, and HR innovations. We are Innovators in using web-based technologies to develop leaders in real time. When it comes to developing a generation of leaders, our faculty, students, alumni, and strategic partners are known for their deep thinking about the realities of leading well, and for their skill at making research and tools accessible to leaders just like you.