School of Psychology Family and Community

“The Center for Leadership Research and Development’s commitment to rigorous research with real world applications and to training up the next generation of leaders places it squarely within the mission of the School of Psychology, Family, and Community; and with its energy, dynamism, and creativity, the CLR&D provides one of our school’s leading edges.”

-Mícheál D. Roe, Ph.D., Dean School of Psychology, Family, and Community


Program description

The School of Psychology, Family, and Community (SPFC)

includes the following departments

Undergraduate Psychology

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Marriage and Family Therapy

Clinical Psychology

Our baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral programs are designed to meet the exacting standards of our professional guilds; and they incorporate biopsychosocial and spiritual perspectives into rigorous training, substantive research, and effective professional and clinical practice.

SPFC’s twenty-six core faculty members and four staff serve 350 to 400 full time undergraduate and graduate students with comprehensive academic curricula; extensive practicum, consulting, and service opportunities throughout the region; and numerous lab and field-based research programs.

All faculty members are committed teachers and mentors, who seek students who are excited to learn, prepared to work hard, and who intend to make a difference in the world.  All faculty members are active in empirical research and writing. Engaging in knowledge generation is an exciting process, and it brings alive the concepts and content taught in classrooms and practicum sites.

SPFC also sponsors a number of programs that bring together research, practice, and outreach.

  • The Living Well Initiative is a multidisciplinary educational program addressing the needs of persons and families affected by severe and persistent mental health conditions. This program is co-sponsored with the School of Health Sciences.
  • The Center for Relationship Development is dedicated to fostering positive relationships, whether they are with classmates, roommates, parents, teammates, siblings, bosses, or potential marriage partners. The Center is co-directed by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, and it aims to solve relationship problems before they begin.
  • The Center for Leadership Research & Development is focused on preparing a generation of leaders in business, not-for-profit, and ministry settings by conducting applied research on the journeys and lessons learned by leaders, creating research-based resources, establishing partnerships, and training both scholar-practitioners and leaders in the community.

SPFC’s facilities include administrative and faculty offices, work stations, and conference rooms.  Currently, SPFC has eight active research-producing and teaching laboratories, and a clinical training complex of contiguous rooms, the walls of which are wired for video recording and sound and contain “one-way” mirrors permitting observations in either direction.

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