Team McKenna


Dr. Robert McKenna’s Research Team

Chair of the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program and Associate Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Specialty: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Areas of Scholarship: Leading under pressure, leadership character, calling and vocation, on-the-job development, social support and strategic networking, sacrificial leadership, and leadership development.
Areas of Teaching: Organizational behavior, Calling and Work, Leadership and Organizational Development, and Group Dynamics

Leadership Development

“Convictions based on opinions drive the bus our world is riding on. It is Evidence-based Thoughtfulness that will transform our world for the better.”

Dr. Rob McKenna

With current publications and presentations on character, calling, vulnerability, strategic networking, sacrificial leadership, emotional self-regulation, and whole leader development, Dr. McKenna’s team is committed to the integration of research, practice, theology, and experience in the pursuit of developing whole leaders. Drawing deeply from the wells of science and theology, business and psychology – the goal is to produce science and theory that is valid and unconventional at the same time. Populations include business leaders, pastors, emerging leaders, engineers, government officials and leaders from traditionally marginalized groups in India. His team is also committed to integrating research and intervention by responsibly providing Whole Leader Development tools and coaching to their participants, and in turn studying their development with the data they provide.

Dr. McKenna works with fortune 100 organizations, large and small churches, government organizations, and universities. His team of scientist-practitioners is committed to developing themselves, taking initiative, driving change in leaders through questions that are both challenging and motivating, and to the idea that being a part of the leadership reformation happening in our world requires new thinking informed by historical evidence. You cannot change in others what you are not willing to consider for yourself.