Team Kendall



Dr.Dana Kendall’s Research Team

Director of Research and Assistant Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
B.S., Andrews University, 1999; M.S., Florida International University, 2002; Ph.D., University of Central Florida, 2007. At SPU since 2010.

Specialty: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Areas of Scholarship: Mentoring in organizations, predicting and evaluating team effectiveness, training interpersonal skills.
Areas of Teaching: Organizational Behavior; Program and Organizational Evaluation; Statistics and Research Methods; and Organizational Theory

The goal of the research currently being conducted on Dr. Kendall’s team is to understand and facilitate the effectiveness of mentoring relationships in organizations. Mentoring is just one method for developing individuals in the workplace, and it is a process intended to achieve the following primary objectives:  (a) create a safe context for protégés to practice and hone their technical and interpersonal skills, (b) create opportunities for women and minorities that have been historically unavailable to them, and (c) provide opportunities for networking and collaboration both within and across organizational boundaries.

First, Dr. Kendall’s team is exploring best practices for how organizationally-sponsored, structured mentoring programs can be structured so that they provide the most benefit for protégés and mentors. Also, they are investigating individuals’ motivations for volunteering to serve as a mentor and how organizations can best support them in that role. Finally, her team conducts the study of mentoring through the lenses of social justice. That is, they are committed to understanding how high-quality mentoring relationships can serve as catalysts for promoting equality in the workplace for historically-disadvantaged groups (e.g., women, ethnic minorities, individuals with disabilities, LGBT). Dr. Kendall’s team’s alumni are in data analytics positions at Amazon, Weyerhaeuser, and IBM/Kenexa.