Team Collins


Dr. Joey Collins’ Research Team

Assistant Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

B.A., Western Washington University 1989; MS, Western Washington University, 1996; MA., Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University, 1998; Psy.D., Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University, 2001. At SPU since 2005.

Specialty: Organizational Psychology and Clinical Psychology
Areas of Scholarship: Conflict Resolution, Executive Coaching
Areas of Teaching: Personality, Organizational Development and Gestalt

Leadership and Coaching Research:

The Collins RVT is a team of scholar-practitioners who value connections
between people. Focusing on coaching relationships, the team works to build
tools for effective interactions by exploring the meaningful conversations
that impact effectiveness in the workplace through careful measurement and
evaluation. The team relies on their strength in holistic development to
maintain a balance of research and practice, utilize a multidisciplinary
approach, and incorporate a broad range of relevant research in leadership.

Based on transformational leadership theory, one ongoing study aims to
examine the impact of age and experience on how a leader “shows up” in the
field of sales professionals. We believe our findings provide guidance for
emerging leaders. Our research was just presented at the Society of
Consulting Psychology Conference held in Seattle.

We are also in the beginning stage of a new project with CoachSource, an
international executive coaching organization. Our work with the CEO of this
company, Brian Underhill, Ph.D., includes survey development, social media
campaigning, data collection/analysis, and the production of a report on the
current state of the coaching industry. The purpose of this project is to gain
increased insight into the effectiveness of executive coaching, while
supporting CoachSource and providing learning opportunities for the team.

Another line of research for the team is in Action Learning, a common
technique used in OD Consulting. We are currently working on a paper
analyzing a modified use of Action Learning in the classroom. This line of
research is expected to be completed this spring.

Lastly, an ongoing master’s thesis project is investigating a coaching model
for managers (the five dimensional RACSR model) created by the Center for
Creative Leadership (CCL). We are conducting research with data from CCL in
the hopes of validating the model for predicting coaching effectiveness, and
plan to further explore gender differences in this model among managers and their direct reports.