Party with a Purpose

We at the CLRD like to think of ourselves as a little unconventional. Many people say that you should work hard and play hard. But we consider developing leaders as working while playing hard, and we do not think our events should be any different. We believe in parties with a purpose because we believe that leadership is too important for it not to be engaging.


We also believe that that leaders come in every shape, every size, every color, and within any job and for that reason, we do not invite people into spaces where they do not get to be a part of the party and a part of the conversation. We believe that the rights to leadership are not to be held by only a few boisterous people, but rather, within the leadership capacity that emerges from the development of a whole person. Within the person who has taken time to intentionally prod the questions of their calling, their emotions, their investments in others, and the lessons they’ve learned along their journey.


As such, we want to invite YOU to the Ministry Leadership Summit. You do not need to be the senior pastor, executive director, or the worship leader. If you are in charge in the work and development of another person, then you are a leader, and you are wanted. Come and participate in conversations about how you can develop your capacity to lead and learn how to get things done all at the same time.


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