Our Understanding of Nehmiah

When the story of Nehemiah becomes real…

The story of Nehemiah is one that has become like a dear friend of mine that you cannot easily escape. As one who works under the leadership of Dr. Rob McKenna at the Center for Leadership Research and Development, it is difficult to not understand the scope of such a story. For the story of Nehemiah is not just about a man and a wall, but it is our story.

I first heard this story in my beginning days as a doctoral student at SPU. I heard the grief heavy words of Nehemiah as he longed to be home to re-build the wall that had left his nation shaken and vulnerable. As he explained to the king his desire to return to re-build this wall, he is not only granted permission to go, but he is resourced with all he needs to get the job done. Not an easy task, but one that was affirmed. I heard this story in the light of leadership development. It was used to teach me that we are often called to build something great but that we are never to do it alone. That to develop my own leadership capacity I would need to listen intently to understand both my calling and purpose and to open my eyes to see the people God had already surrounded me with and who I was to both build up and with. Until recently, this is how the story of Nehemiah impacted us.

As we at SPU reflect on the events of recent weeks, we are now connected to this story in the most profound of ways. Bound to the grief stricken words of a man whose community had been shaken. We recognize what is broken and the need that is before us, and with granted permission we seek to re-build a wall that is as one of our students so eloquently said, not just a community but more so a family. You see, we at SPU do not need to rebuild a physical structure our call is one of deeper convictions. A wall that can only be constructed by the many hands that will help re-build it. A wall that is not to keep people out but a wall that encompasses a sacred space that is our home. This is our story and this is the task that sits before us today. What wall is God calling you to build or re-build in your ministry today?

Join us on July 17th as we come together to understand these calls, these walls, and to gain vision on the masses that surround us, hammers in hand, ready to build something that matters.


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