Look at me! Look at me! … Unleashing the potential within your pews.


Do you remember the times when you were a kid and you had discovered something really incredible? I mean, something REALLY cool. Like it was the ultimate reality, and no matter what your parents, siblings, aunties, grandparents, or friends were doing at that very moment, could not possibly compete with this thing that you had to tell them? Chances are, whatever that novel thing was that we had to tell, was likely not the substance of our plea for acknowledgement. Rather, it was our desire to be seen and to be noticed as competent. As intelligent. As witty. But as we grow up, we often attempt to suppress these moments of outbreak and we begin to lessen the excitement and need for that acknowledgement. We justify why our thoughts, our ideas, and our nuances are probably not all that great. For most of us though, that child is still within us saying, please, please see what I can do.


I am becoming increasingly convicted that our churches, congregations, and volunteer staffs are not so different. That we all are waiting for the leader, the elder, or the deacon, to see us, to invest in us, and to affirm that which God has placed within us. That every person, in every pew, is actually a ball of potential, a ball of excitable energy, just waiting to be unleashed into a mission that draws them in to a deeper relationship with Jesus and a more active role in the areas of hurt in our world. But we cannot do this without the leaders around us choosing to invest within us. Choosing to have real, sometimes difficult conversations, that stretch, challenge, and encourage us. Investments that require sacrifice, willingness, and truth.


Sounds hard right? Well, yes, in some ways. But what if you could develop an effective and manageable process that helped you intentionally invest in and develop the leaders on your team or in your congregation? The folks who are just waiting to be seen. At the Ministry Leader Summit, you will have the opportunity to learn about processes that will work for you, so that you might be able to invest in them. Join us on July 17th.


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