India 2016: Day 2


Day 2 of the Incredible Immanuel University Adventure, 2016, began earlier for some team members than others. Around 7am, several team members met the day with a friendly jog along an ox cart trail, just outside the University grounds. The remainder of us started our day closer to 8:30am with a fabulous breakfast of several food items we couldn’t pronounce, but heartily enjoyed. Team member Nathan Iverson delivered the message at Immanuel’s daily devotional meeting and then it was off to the big city of Hyderabad proper for a day of sightseeing and shopping.

Our first stop in Hyderabad was the Chowmahalla Palace, once home to the Nizams of Hyderabad State. We toured the grounds, cruised past several cool vintage automobiles, and peeked into a couple of palatial rooms, including the incredible Durbar Hall with 19 Belgian crystal chandeliers. After the Palace tour was a leisurely stop for lunch where we enjoyed a unique fusion of Indian and Asian cuisines, finished up with the ever-yummy classic Indian dessert, Gulab Jamoon.

From lunch, we braved the busy Hyderabad streets on foot, literally stopping traffic at a six-point intersection while we crossed the street. Safely on the other side of the street, we entered the annual Hyderabad Exhibition (an open-air market) for a grand shopping excursion. With textiles, bangles, and trinkets galore, the Exhibition booth owners beckoned us with the promises of great deals and high quality. Our skilled and gracious Immanuel University hosts helped us wheel and deal our way to the purchase of several fabulous souvenirs. (Friends and family who are reading this, be sure to hit up your Immanuel Adventure team members for your special gifts when they get back home! J) And with our purchases in tow, we boarded the bus back to the University where sweet sleep awaited to restore us from another incredible day.


-Jessica D. Loving, M.A.

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