Rape for Profit

“The reality is that there are people in our world today who do not experience the freedom that we take for granted. Human trafficking is about treating people like they are a commodity that can be used, abused, and exploited. The Center for Leadership Research & Development is committed to paying attention to the needs of the least among us and building up leaders who will courageously act as agents on their behalf.”
- Rob McKenna, PhD, Executive Director of the CLR&D, Chair I/O Psychology
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On June 1st, 2013, leaders and from across the Northwest region came to see the pre-itunes screening of  the documentary film “Rape For Profit” hosted by the Center for Leadership & Research Development. It was a night that none of us will soon forget. This film documents the true stories of women being trafficked in Seattle, where over 500 girls are trafficked each night in the form of sex slavery. The Huffington Post calls the documentary, “Disturbing and provocative” Mark Joseph (Marketing for “The Passion of the Christ” and “Chronicles of Narnia” calls the film  “A gritty look at Seattle’s growing problem with human trafficking.” It was an evening that brought together influencers from our region, and helped us to have deeper conversations about what it means to pay attention to those in our communities who have the most need.

 “A powerful story that needs to be heard”
- Ralph Winter, Producer of the X-Men Franchise 
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