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India 2016: Day 9

The Beautiful Controversy: Go First and Going for Them Below is my commencement address to the second graduating class from Immanuel University. I am so proud of these students. Most of them are Dalits in India. Their unbelievable achievement is that of finishing an MBA in a

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India 2016: Day 8

When we meet someone for the first time in America, we often ask, “What do you do?”  The posture of this question is such that our profession defines our identity.  Please be assured that I am not here to comment whether or not this is right or

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India 2016: Day 7

In a world full of difference and incongruence, we must not become lost in translation. Today marks the end of day 7 and the commencement of an entire week in a new reality. Our days have been filled with monumental moments of impact, and this one was

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